Monday, April 21, 2008

Here a little, there a little

First I'd love to say that I love getting on to my Blog everyday and check out the blogs of family and friends to see what they are up to. It just brightens my day :D

What has happened since I last posted:

~N got pink eye (She's better now).
~Filed an Amended form for our federal taxes making it so we'll get even more money back from the Government.
~Bought plane tickets to fly from AZ to TX!
Travel plans: Drive from Provo to St. George Friday April 25th
Drive from St. George to AZ Saturday April 26th
Fly from AZ to TX Tuesday April 29th
Fly from TX to AZ Wednesday May 7th
Drive from AZ back to Provo the 12th or 13th or May.
~Just started running again since I'm no longer sick and the weather is warmer.
~Found out my "adopted brother" Tyler is getting married and I'll be able to go!
~Todd has his 22nd Bithday on the 18th and I made him a Gluten Free Pizza!
~N can stick her tongue out and blow (hahahahaha)
~Bought an Umbrella Stroller for N which is SO MUCH EASIER then our monster of a stroller.
~My best friend went to Hawaii and IM-ed me while she was on the beach! Lucky!
~N is eating solids and all I have to say is I'm not at all surprised that she didn't like the peaches,I don't blame her, I tasted them, they were not good.
~I saw Enchanted, what a cute movie!
~I want Lazer Hair removal done on my legs!
~I've started making really cute flower and ribbon bows for N and I'm think about selling them, I love making them and coming up with new ideas! Don't be surprised if you get an e-mail with my small at home buisness web page link :)
~I want basic TV reception.......
~I just got a few early birthday gifts in the mail from my in-laws :D

(I'll add more as I remember them..)

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

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