Friday, August 28, 2009


It's one thing to pull your hair back so you don't get tooth paste and spit in it when you are done brushing your teeth it's another when you belly doesn't have clearance and you have to change your shirt afterwards....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

N Update

Here N sporting the new summer jumper I finished for her today. Too bad I didn't start on it sooner, then it would have fit longer instead of for just a few more weeks. But I like it and am now on to a new day dress for her next growth jump, which should be very soon.
(P.S. She's not sad just a mouth full of "nana").

Now for a N update, some of these things she's been doing for a while, some just the last few weeks, and others very new. She AMAZES us all the time with what she is saying/doing now. I love watching her progress!

We believe N now understands that the phrases she says usually don't make since. She has said some amazing things, but we think that she is now focusing on single words now to fine tune. She gets so excited when you do understand her and she gets what she is asking for. And sad when we say "no". So what is she working on?
Food - "foo"
Water - "wah"
Shoe - "shooooe"
Cheese - "cheeeh"
Banana - "nana". Sorry mom I know she'll start using it as your name soon.
She's almost got "I love you"
"Ummm, okay."
"It's a daddy!"
"Can I go outside?"
"That's lame" - Todd = N telling her Aunt Hillary
that what she has to do for work is "lame".
And we know there's more to come because she understands SO MUCH!

She's learn:
... how to put her Velcro pink sandals on, and usually on the right foot.
... take her clothes off.
... eat her food with a fork and spoon.
... drink from a cup. Now if only she wouldn't get a kick out of it when she dumps it on the floor. (In which she then looks at me and laughs...*grumble*)
... to still not let me read to her.
This makes me sad. Maybe if I had always read to her she would let me know. But I also think it has to do with her "independence". She thinks/feels she can, so I just have to wait for when she wants me to. I'm hoping that by being more committed to read to V that N will take an interest and join in.
... that she can sit on my lap while I sew but that the buttons on the machine are off limits.
...that we do not stand on the DVD's.
... her big girl bed is more comfortable to sleep on then the floor. (almost complete understanding here).
"tickels" mercilessly. And laughs maniacally while she does it.
... to wash her hands when she's messy.
*again more but here's what I've got off the top of my head.

She carries her "baby" around very carefully, and loves to have her wrapped and laying on a pillow like how we lay her down to bed on her pillow.

She loves to poke at and try to pull my belly button, now that it is sticking out.

She will carry her rocking horse around the house to be where you are.
That takes muscle and skill!

Todd's bought a kiddie physics game for N to play on the computer. We play it much more then she does at the moment :P

She loves kitty's! She has a stuffed cat she carries around and when ever she sees on in real life, on the computer, in a book, where ever she points at it and "mews".

She'll sometimes sit on my lap facing me and will take her hand to slowly
and gently stroke my face. It's precious!

So, in genera,l N is moving forward nicely and is full of kisses and hugs as usual.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big girl bed

She slept in her big girl bed, I have proof!

August 24, 2009

Excited for Chrome OS

In case you haven't heard--Google is making an operating system to directly compete with Microsoft's Windows. It is named after the google browser, which is free to download--and is based off the Linux kernel.
First of all, Chrome will be Open-Source--so I can fix the bugs that bother me in it. Even if I have to pay a licensing fee for it (which is not likely), that is already leaps and bounds above and beyond any Windows software. They could release a pile-of-dirt mindless Linux distribution variant, and it'd still be more usable than any Windows software for the simple reason that it can change.

Next, by virtue of design, Chrome has more potential than a Microsoft OS could ever have. Windows was, originally, a shell on top of DOS that economized on the mouse input interface. Its major innovations have been few and far between since then (as they have no competative drive to innovate). Its design (and designers) wrote it in a time when the most powerful computers in the world had the computational capacity of what you're likely reading this blog-post on (any computer with a core 2 duo or equivalent).

Suffice it to say, Microsoft does not have the capacity to relate to modern computing systems that Google does. This isn't simply because Google is younger and more modern, but because of the philosophy changes and paradigm shifts in programming were engrained in Google from the beginning, whereas Microsoft has been forced to either gradually adopted them, or chosen to ignore them. A prime example of that is the w3c web standards: Microsoft chose to ignore them at first, tried to adopt them with IE8, and have failed miserably to the point of neglecting to even place a recommendation to the consortium. The management side of Google is, in every sense of the word, more enlightened on these point thans Microsofts'.

Here are the publically stated goals of Chrome OS:
Not hog system resources--leave them available for user tasks
Designed to have no significant waiting at boot time
Make any application that could run on the web run on your machine
Have absolutely no data loss if the machine stops working or needs to be reinstalled

I like number 1 and 2. Those are big things to me. They are designing these for the increasingly-popular netbooks, but I hope that once its released it'll catch on like wild-fire and we'll see a desktop version. I don't really care about number 3--it has some merit and some drawbacks, and number 4 makes me nervous (because I don't know how much I'd trust the contents of my hard drive to google), but I do know that I am going to dual boot Chrome OS and Linux on my netbook as soon as I can get my hands on a beta/development version.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Superman bothers me

Superman bothers me. I like nostalgia and old-school when it comes to my entertainment, but after going back and watching the old movies--I had to turn it off half way through the third. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Regarding the movies:
The amount of power that the sun generates per unit area (1350W/m^2), is not sufficient, by any means to justify enough energy to do any one thing that Superman does.
If he has a "more dense" molecular structure, not only would that make flight more difficult than it would be to a normal human being, but it would mean higher oxygen intake needs (or an alternative method for excreting waste)--hence the whole "fly through space" is, again, nonsense.

I'm sorry, but in no universe can a man fly around a planet against its rotation resulting in literally turning back the clock. It would sure mess up the days and seasons, though.

I hate how they just use the phrase, "well, he's superman, he can do anything!" whenever they write themselves into a corner.

He kisses Launa, and she doesn't lose all her memories, like Lois did. Does he secrete a fast-acting neuro-toxin or not?

Exposing him to the "red rays" of his native sun would only have a temporary effect--but some kind of explanation to the audience would be nice (preferably after he regains his powers), but the writers didn't even give that courtesy. It's just, "oh, we need him to have powers again, so he does."

How does the Vulcan satellite travel to a distant galaxy within a few hours, when it took Superman several years of relativistic-governed travel to come to earth from there in the first movie?

That, and I hate his outfit--it's mostly the blue pants and red underwear on the outside. Superman is annoying, and I don't think that exceptionally poor writing should ever constitute a "superhero."

Batman rules! There's a real superhero. If batman were to fight superman--batman would win, because the people who write for him are way more intelligent.

Monday, August 10, 2009

N finds comfort in her new "big girl bed"

We bought N her new bed. It's a very simple twin mattress and box set. We moved it into her room on Saturday, and Saturday night we tried putting her down for bed on her big girl bed. She cried, as expected--quite a lot, actually. She started trying to climb back into her crib--but couldn't quite make it. Eventually, after she had started to give up, she got up from her big girl bed, ran across the room, grabbed her Book of Mormon, ran back to her bed, opened it up and pretended to read it.

I'm glad my little 20-month-old finds comfort in the scriptures--I just wish she had found some comfort in her new bed. We ended up putting her back into her crib for the night, and we're gonna let her get used to the bigger bed being in her room before we make the transistion.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Almost forgot

Projects in the works and to come since the new sewing machine: (so far)

One outfit down for N.
One already cut out and ready to start.
A pettiskirt - like this, only first one will be different colors. (silly giggle).
A quilt for N.
Baby quilt for V. - Created a pattern, and I'm pretty sure I've picked a theme.
Busy book - Very excited about this!

And a few bags for a humanitarian project in our ward.

Puppy Love

Todd: How was the park?
me: A little windy, but she liked it. Even more so when a boy showed up with a puppy
that thought she was cooler then a water puddle on a summers day.
(my eyes are burning just thinking about it, but that's cute).

Todd is allergic to cats and dogs. So sad :(

my 3rd baby

Baby #3 arrived to our family before baby#2 was even finished in the "oven".
How so?
The FedEx man ;)
He delivered my new sewing machine to our doorstep a few weeks back. And I know some of you have been wanting to know what the specs are.

First let me tell you how it came to be. Todd knew I wanted a new sewing machine, not that I wasn't grateful for the Viking a complete stranger gave to me because of a plead I put out in the KSL classifieds online, but it was very limited as to what it could do. Great for a beginner or someone who needed to relearn, or who just plain needed something. I was all three. This sweet lady called me up and practically did a temple recommend interview before deciding to pass one of her 3 sewing machines my way. I was kinda funny as I think back on that phone call. She lived North of Salt Lake City but as "fate" had it, she had a daughter who lived in my neck of the woods and after having visited her mother, brought it down to me. Here is the beautiful gift she bestowed upon me.This Viking 150 is a powerful, simple machine. And boy did it satisfy the "sewing itch" that I had. Thank you Peggy for having an extra machine around the house that you felt impressed to give me.

After moving on to clothing for N, I noticed the machine either couldn't do or had a very manual way of doing certain stitches. So I started to look online for a similar model to the one I learned on at BYU-Idaho, to dream about. I discovered a Janome DC2010 on Amazon and put it on my Wish List.

After Todd started his new job and bought himself the monitor he wanted as a reward for the hard work he had done he started looking online at sewing machine for me, without me knowing! He came across this beauty on the HSN - Home Shopping Network! Now just because it was the HSN I had my doubts. A great-aunt of mine and my bio-dad have each their share of lemons from it. But when Todd confessed what he was wanting to do I started a more intense search, all the while Todd talked this one up.

I went to some stores to try out, to check prices, and compare. Read online reviews and checked to see what would fit in the price range Todd had set. When the green light came for me to buy what I wanted, I went to a store and tried a Brother Embroidery Machine. I guess you could say the in-store-one-model-up from the one on the HSN. I liked it, but the price was pushing it. That evening after thinking it over I gave Todd the go ahead to order the one off the HSN. All the sudden got very anxious and wanted it here, checking the tracking of it 2-3x's a day! Oh how I could have kissed the delivery man!

Here it is!
LCD touch screen, 98 already programed in stitch functions, auto thread cutter (don't have to use my scissors much), 4x4 embroidery field, USB cord to attach it to the computer for more downloads, +!
Heaven :)

Here's it with the Embroidery arm attached.
(Sorry picture is slightly blurred, I'm having "issues" with our snap-shot cameras. But thats another story.)
This is perfect for me right now and will be for many moons to come!
Thank you Todd!
How blessed we've been with your new job. Thank you for working so very hard!

Since recieving this new machine, and being satisfied with what it can do/handle, I have since passed on the Viking to another girl who had developed the "itch" and didn't have a machine. May it serve you well while you have it Mercedes.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Recession is over!

No, really, it pretty much is. May this all be a lesson to you: that it is all about perception.

Apparently, what caused this recession was people simply selling what they had left in inventory--rather than continually re-stocking their shelves. They perceived that sales were lacking, so they wanted to wait until they could safely restock their shelves to meet up with their speculation of lower sales. This led to layoffs, which persuaded even fewer people to buy merchandise (as they did not have jobs to buy it with).

But, the key indicators of the GDP are on the rise, and unemployment will drop soon too. Congratulations people: Recession is over (unless some idiots start saying otherwise :D ).

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

I don't expect much more to ever be posted on this blog, and I'm largely just posting this to share it with some particular friends....