Wednesday, August 26, 2009

N Update

Here N sporting the new summer jumper I finished for her today. Too bad I didn't start on it sooner, then it would have fit longer instead of for just a few more weeks. But I like it and am now on to a new day dress for her next growth jump, which should be very soon.
(P.S. She's not sad just a mouth full of "nana").

Now for a N update, some of these things she's been doing for a while, some just the last few weeks, and others very new. She AMAZES us all the time with what she is saying/doing now. I love watching her progress!

We believe N now understands that the phrases she says usually don't make since. She has said some amazing things, but we think that she is now focusing on single words now to fine tune. She gets so excited when you do understand her and she gets what she is asking for. And sad when we say "no". So what is she working on?
Food - "foo"
Water - "wah"
Shoe - "shooooe"
Cheese - "cheeeh"
Banana - "nana". Sorry mom I know she'll start using it as your name soon.
She's almost got "I love you"
"Ummm, okay."
"It's a daddy!"
"Can I go outside?"
"That's lame" - Todd = N telling her Aunt Hillary
that what she has to do for work is "lame".
And we know there's more to come because she understands SO MUCH!

She's learn:
... how to put her Velcro pink sandals on, and usually on the right foot.
... take her clothes off.
... eat her food with a fork and spoon.
... drink from a cup. Now if only she wouldn't get a kick out of it when she dumps it on the floor. (In which she then looks at me and laughs...*grumble*)
... to still not let me read to her.
This makes me sad. Maybe if I had always read to her she would let me know. But I also think it has to do with her "independence". She thinks/feels she can, so I just have to wait for when she wants me to. I'm hoping that by being more committed to read to V that N will take an interest and join in.
... that she can sit on my lap while I sew but that the buttons on the machine are off limits.
...that we do not stand on the DVD's.
... her big girl bed is more comfortable to sleep on then the floor. (almost complete understanding here).
"tickels" mercilessly. And laughs maniacally while she does it.
... to wash her hands when she's messy.
*again more but here's what I've got off the top of my head.

She carries her "baby" around very carefully, and loves to have her wrapped and laying on a pillow like how we lay her down to bed on her pillow.

She loves to poke at and try to pull my belly button, now that it is sticking out.

She will carry her rocking horse around the house to be where you are.
That takes muscle and skill!

Todd's bought a kiddie physics game for N to play on the computer. We play it much more then she does at the moment :P

She loves kitty's! She has a stuffed cat she carries around and when ever she sees on in real life, on the computer, in a book, where ever she points at it and "mews".

She'll sometimes sit on my lap facing me and will take her hand to slowly
and gently stroke my face. It's precious!

So, in genera,l N is moving forward nicely and is full of kisses and hugs as usual.

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