Thursday, August 6, 2009

my 3rd baby

Baby #3 arrived to our family before baby#2 was even finished in the "oven".
How so?
The FedEx man ;)
He delivered my new sewing machine to our doorstep a few weeks back. And I know some of you have been wanting to know what the specs are.

First let me tell you how it came to be. Todd knew I wanted a new sewing machine, not that I wasn't grateful for the Viking a complete stranger gave to me because of a plead I put out in the KSL classifieds online, but it was very limited as to what it could do. Great for a beginner or someone who needed to relearn, or who just plain needed something. I was all three. This sweet lady called me up and practically did a temple recommend interview before deciding to pass one of her 3 sewing machines my way. I was kinda funny as I think back on that phone call. She lived North of Salt Lake City but as "fate" had it, she had a daughter who lived in my neck of the woods and after having visited her mother, brought it down to me. Here is the beautiful gift she bestowed upon me.This Viking 150 is a powerful, simple machine. And boy did it satisfy the "sewing itch" that I had. Thank you Peggy for having an extra machine around the house that you felt impressed to give me.

After moving on to clothing for N, I noticed the machine either couldn't do or had a very manual way of doing certain stitches. So I started to look online for a similar model to the one I learned on at BYU-Idaho, to dream about. I discovered a Janome DC2010 on Amazon and put it on my Wish List.

After Todd started his new job and bought himself the monitor he wanted as a reward for the hard work he had done he started looking online at sewing machine for me, without me knowing! He came across this beauty on the HSN - Home Shopping Network! Now just because it was the HSN I had my doubts. A great-aunt of mine and my bio-dad have each their share of lemons from it. But when Todd confessed what he was wanting to do I started a more intense search, all the while Todd talked this one up.

I went to some stores to try out, to check prices, and compare. Read online reviews and checked to see what would fit in the price range Todd had set. When the green light came for me to buy what I wanted, I went to a store and tried a Brother Embroidery Machine. I guess you could say the in-store-one-model-up from the one on the HSN. I liked it, but the price was pushing it. That evening after thinking it over I gave Todd the go ahead to order the one off the HSN. All the sudden got very anxious and wanted it here, checking the tracking of it 2-3x's a day! Oh how I could have kissed the delivery man!

Here it is!
LCD touch screen, 98 already programed in stitch functions, auto thread cutter (don't have to use my scissors much), 4x4 embroidery field, USB cord to attach it to the computer for more downloads, +!
Heaven :)

Here's it with the Embroidery arm attached.
(Sorry picture is slightly blurred, I'm having "issues" with our snap-shot cameras. But thats another story.)
This is perfect for me right now and will be for many moons to come!
Thank you Todd!
How blessed we've been with your new job. Thank you for working so very hard!

Since recieving this new machine, and being satisfied with what it can do/handle, I have since passed on the Viking to another girl who had developed the "itch" and didn't have a machine. May it serve you well while you have it Mercedes.

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