Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Superman bothers me

Superman bothers me. I like nostalgia and old-school when it comes to my entertainment, but after going back and watching the old movies--I had to turn it off half way through the third. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Regarding the movies:
The amount of power that the sun generates per unit area (1350W/m^2), is not sufficient, by any means to justify enough energy to do any one thing that Superman does.
If he has a "more dense" molecular structure, not only would that make flight more difficult than it would be to a normal human being, but it would mean higher oxygen intake needs (or an alternative method for excreting waste)--hence the whole "fly through space" is, again, nonsense.

I'm sorry, but in no universe can a man fly around a planet against its rotation resulting in literally turning back the clock. It would sure mess up the days and seasons, though.

I hate how they just use the phrase, "well, he's superman, he can do anything!" whenever they write themselves into a corner.

He kisses Launa, and she doesn't lose all her memories, like Lois did. Does he secrete a fast-acting neuro-toxin or not?

Exposing him to the "red rays" of his native sun would only have a temporary effect--but some kind of explanation to the audience would be nice (preferably after he regains his powers), but the writers didn't even give that courtesy. It's just, "oh, we need him to have powers again, so he does."

How does the Vulcan satellite travel to a distant galaxy within a few hours, when it took Superman several years of relativistic-governed travel to come to earth from there in the first movie?

That, and I hate his outfit--it's mostly the blue pants and red underwear on the outside. Superman is annoying, and I don't think that exceptionally poor writing should ever constitute a "superhero."

Batman rules! There's a real superhero. If batman were to fight superman--batman would win, because the people who write for him are way more intelligent.

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