Friday, November 7, 2008

I wanted to cry

A little background before I dive in, I am a dedicated "go to the dentist ever 6 months" kinda girl. And ever since I can remember out of all of those many many visits I have only ever once (maybe twice to cover my bases) been told that I didn't have a cavity. I've had a rotten tooth pulled as a child, a bridge put in, multiple fillings of all types even Gold (the dentists like to see that), and a root canal. Not to mention braces and teeth pulled to make room for the rest of my teeth and 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted. I don't dread the dentist office it';s just routine to go in have them clean me, do x-rays then listen to what work they need to do.

I've been having sensitivity on a right lower back molar. Not to pressure just cold. Example biting on a grape or drinking milk. Same thing started on a left upper back molar. The same one they did work on 6 months ago. My thoughts "Oh great!". So I call the dentist office, set up an appointment and brush W-A-Y more then any human alive should have too.

* I mean I already have an electric Braun toothbrush which the dentist said is the number one choice among his professions because of the way the bristles move. I floss EVERY DAY - out of a full year I have only missed 4 days where I did not floss! I Listerine my mouth and then I take a regular tooth brush and go again!

So after the x-rays, the cleaning and very poor "I'll floss you" job the dentist came to give me the diagnoses. He looks and tells me children are bad for your body (while prego with N I got 12 cavities!) and that I have a genetic gum disease where it starts to recede from the tooth, exposing more tooth and or root. causing it too be more sensitive to sweets and temperature. I guess the good news is that it is only starting on those two teeth mentions earlier. There's nothing he can do, all that can be done is "keep them clean". He said he could prescribe me some higher levels of fluoride - been there, done that, does nothing.

But hey no cavities! I almost said (any of the following could be valid responses that almost made it out of my mouth), "Can I have a second opinion?", "How long have you been doing this?", "Take another look I'm sure your wrong.", "May I see those x-rays", and so on.

I pray N and all of our kids get Todd's teeth they are Superman teeth, impenetrable!

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

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