Monday, December 1, 2008

Tooting My Own Horn

Alright I have sorely been slacking in the keeping my blog updated (thanks Emily) so here I go with some updates with what has happened with us.

So as poor college students we have to keep our eyes out for deals and an even sharper eye on our finances. But even if we weren't poor college students we'd still be doing this. Anyways, on the 11th of every month I head to Walmart for our once a month trip. Before hand I create a monthly dinner meal list and a list of what we eat for breakfast and common things I put in Todd's lunch box. After I have my lists I create a grocery list of what I need to buy for all the meals. Then I grab the store ads for that week and price out what the other stores are selling them for.
Once finished I take my grocery list and my ads (in case the employee checking me out wants to check - never has happened so far) and head to Walmart. For those of you who don't know Wally World will price match EVERYTHING. Food, hygiene products, kitchen appliances, electronics, everything! Granted if it is not food then the make and model all has to match with what the competing store is selling it for, but food they are only concern about size. They will price match one stores generic brand to theirs. They wont price match internet offers but hey they are already doing a lot more then what others stores do. This link will give you info.
So as I'm heading through the isles I'm checking to see if Walmart or a competing store is cheaper if it's another store I place that item in a certain spot in my cart and make a note on my list to show me quickly at check out where it is I'm price matching.
It takes a little more time at checkout with my full to the brim shopping cart, but after placeing all non price matching items first I put my items I am price matching on the counter and inform the cashier that I am price matching. I price match my meat - all of it but pork chops, my shampoo and conditioner and multiple food products. I loved it! The cashier even price matched something I forgot about to get me the best deal. (Never has happened before but that lady was great!.)
I felt extremely satisfied with my booty and made it back home to tell Todd right away how much I spent at the store. I spent less then half our monthly food budget! As each week passes I just need to restock on dairy (not cheese since I bought a 5lb brick and cut it up and stuck it in the freezer) and fresh produce from the Sunflower Farmers Market (it's a Trader Joe's for Utah).
I'm tooting my own horn, I'm so proud of myself!
And a good thing, Nihcolette was very well behaved for the hour we were there. (That's right only one hour in the store - bam baby!)

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