Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Missy!

Here's a shout out to my best friend!

It's Missy's Birthday!!!

Here's the story behind Missy and me. We met at BYU-Idaho when we became roommates in #159 Barnes Hall. The four of us who lived there I guess could be described as hyper night owls. How I passes my classes my first semester is still a mystery to me. There were bubble and hair mousse wars, a Jericho Road concert, taping Lindsey in the shower as she sang at the top of her lungs, drama with roommate #4 and the hospital, babysitting the head residence little boy on Tuesdays, Jello Slide during Spirit Week, Missy making amazing caramel brownies to eat after a dance I went to with Matt Reynold, Bednar being called to the 12, Missy and I dating two guy who were roommates (and later giving thanks we broke up with them), cooking dinner for 10 people, going to Missy's house for Thanksgiving, 3 people (Missy, Lindsey and I) sleeping in a refrigerator box our last night in our apartment before Christmas break just because we could while watching Aladdin on a laptop, and leaving at an insane morning hour to walk to the Trailways bus stop in the BUTT cold. And this is just our first semester!
2 new roommates our 2nd semester, Thank you Jeniffer for your cooking skills! And we all moved together to what was then, Beehive Manor.
Now for our 2nd year of college. The #209 group: Marissa and Jeniffer, Amie and Laura, Missy and me. Our habits hadn't changed much and our ward just encouraged our social craziness :) Shaving cream war in the park, having kick butt awesome FHE brothers, raiding each others closets for all 6 of us to match on Sunday, all of us cramming on my bed (it was the most padded bed in the apartment and you had to have a running start to get on it because I have it on cinder blocks), blaring music in the morning while we all got ready, boy talk (what's up with "J" names anyways?!), going to a Q&A for Elder Bednar, and celebrating Laura's engagement with Bajios and virgin drinks at the Mexican restaurant in town. But still even with all this there was more, happy and sad as well as stupid. F.Y.I. in case there are some people who do not already know this, boys are stupid to fight over. I'll leave it at that.
Missy made it through the nursing program and off she went to work and complete her RN in Utah. She planned my bridal shower for Idaho, she flew down to be my maid-of-honor and she became the fine focus of my mother-in-law who desired to set Missy up with a few fine eligible single men in the AZ area. I spent one more semester at BYU-Idaho and it was with out Missy and boy did I miss her A LOT!
Now she's "Aunt Missy" to N and all future kids that come our way. In fact N's middle name is contrives from Missy's first name and my sister's first name.
Missy is a talented, capable nurse, a great big and little sister, the best babysitter, a creative craftster, she's easy to love and like, loyal, and hardworking (her work schedule is INSANE). She's my best friend and I can't think of anyone else who I would replace her with.

Here are a very few pictures of the many things we did :)
One night while studying, I took washable markers and colored on Missy's face. Well all were washable except for the purple....The things she put up with :D

Here's us after a shaving cream war in the park put on my Jaimie Dickinson.

The two of us on a Sunday where we all matched.
And an almost reunion at Amie's wedding reception.
Have a very happy birthday Missy!

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