Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Gift

This Christmas the wee people of my in-law-family decided to trade names. N got her cousin this year for Christmas. And here is what I did for her from N.

I'm very proud of the gift I made for my niece this Christmas and broke down deciding to post about it now instead of saving it for a surprise for her mom. My niece is a year old so I don't think I could really spoil the surprise anyway...Anyways..

I love to make things, and since I was giving a free sewing machine by a woman I have never met and still haven't, I have been making all the gifts I have been giving for little people. My neighbors baby shower, clip bows for Abby, and now this gift for my niece. And some in the makings.

My new fav right now is felt. Yes felt and with that I was stumbled upon the world of felt food. Play food for kids! Some of the things I have see have been absolutely jaw dropping. Such as this site It's all in Japanese but just click on one of the left links and you'll see what I mean. I've been wanting to buy some patterns but I decided to try it out completely "blind".

After finding a site that gives the pattern for a felt woven pic-nic basket for free I decided to do just that, a picnic lunch. Here's what I made.
Contents of the felt woven picnic basket: A bag of chips, you can open it and there are felt chips inside, a "Sprite" can, a chicken sandwich you can build yourself (chicken, American cheese slice, lettuce, 2 tomatoes, and 2 pickles), 3 strawberries, and 3 pink sprinkle cookies.
I was so excited to make this that I didn't take into consideration my niece's age until I was already part way into it :( I mean N tested it out and loved to just squeeze everything and take them out of the basket. The only small things are the pickles but I figured, this Christmas my sister-in-law was hitting a block wall as to what to get her daughter as she already gets the hand-me-downs of her older sister, but since she's taken care of that, here's a unique gift she can pull out when she deems right and I'll have learn to make many new things that I can send their way.

So, Hi Kris! I hope you love this as I'm already making plans for one for my family and for many more items. :) Merry Christmas!

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