Friday, May 9, 2014


Will I ever not feel busy again?  I heard that radio jockeys have every minute planned out in advanced.  Some even break it into 30-second intervals.

That's what my life is like now with 4 kids. . .for example:

7:40 - wake up
7:41 - no, serious, wake up, the kids are screaming
7:42 - calm the kid who is crying
7:43 - get the oldest out of bed
7:44 - shuffle the two younger girls downstairs
7:45 - tell the oldest to get out of bed, but this time louder
7:46 - get bowls for everyone out
7:47 - address complaints about breakfast while serving them whatever I can reach
7:49 - you forgot pants, go put pants on
7:49 - clean up Y's spilled bowl
7:50 - try to get caught up on the dishes
7:53 - get the baby out of the crib, all things from here on out are one-handed
7:55 - tell the kids to eat faster
7:56 - have kids put bowls in the sink
7:57 - tell N to go get dressed
7:58 - teach V and Y to make their beds
7:59 - tell N to get dressed faster
8:00 - Teach V and Y to get themselves dressed
8:04 - finish getting myself dressed
8:05 - get my work clothes and computer packed up and ready to go
8:09 - tell N she can't wear a shirt for both her tops and bottoms
8:10 - See if Dani has finished the lunches
8:11 - N is clothed, needs shoes and backpack
8:12 - address complaint that V and Y are now bored
8:13 - finish packing
8:15 - out the door to go to school/work for the day

And I won't try to scare you with Dani's schedule :S

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

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