Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Get Well Soon

Christmas was amazing. I forgot how much more fun Christmas is with little kids, and my parents have nine grandkids now.
The car trip, with a brand-new baby, took 13 hours. In all honesty, V wasn't the biggest hold-up. We let N watch DVDs the whole ride down on her new portable DVD player--and she got carsick right around Orderville. Well, N puked all over the back seat, and we stopped for a good hour at a gas station to get it all cleaned up.

The week before Christmas, I worked, and Dani enjoyed being in Arizona. It was so nice to just go into the front yard and get some delicious oranges right off the tree.

Christmas traditions are a great thing. In my family, we have some old traditions and some newer ones. The oldest tradition of the Millecam household is the "Jerusalem dinner" where we eat food that is typical of what Christ would've eaten. Personally, I love dates and flat bread. Granted, we probably eat in a way that the extremely wealthy did at the time of Christ, but it is always nice to sit down for a meal and have the environment remind you of the Savior.
Another recent tradition is the opening of one present for everyone: new pajamas.
The last notable tradition of a Christmas Eve is sitting around a campfire in the back yard. Here's some pictures of my fam from that:

Christmas morning was awesome. N isn't old enough to exactly know what is going on, so we were able to get her up at 8:00, and give her a solid breakfast. My parents told us that everyone would arrive around 10:00 am and we'd start our big family Christmas around then. So, I figured, since we brought all our family gifts with us, we'd do our Christmas just before everyone arrived.

This year, God blessed us much more abundantly. I can honestly say that Dani and I were able to afford everything we wanted, and still have more than enough to meet all our financial obligations.

We got N a number of toys, but the most notable one was a Bilbo. It's a plastic basin. I like to think of it as a "utility toy." It's a toy where the fun in it is finding new uses for it. N has used it to carry and drag her toys around. I've used it to carry and drag her around. It's a stool, and a big goofy hat. N's cousins had a lot of fun with it too.

While Christmas was a great time of giving and love. Everyone but Dani, myself, and our kids got sick. Dr. Shockey saw four Millecams in two days. I felt for them--but I had that same disease for three weeks starting the second to last week of classes (it lasted through finals, and having a baby, and traveling).

We drove back on New Years day. It only took 11 hours (which is close to typical).

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