Monday, April 12, 2010

Gaseous Girlie

I have to put this down somewhere--the annuls of history simply would not be complete without mentioning this.

V is a baby, and she has gas. Typically, with strictly breast-fed babies, their gas and their poo doesn't really smell that bad. We were not so lucky with V. That little 12-pounder can clear a room. It's really foul.

The reason I mention this, is because on Sunday she was particularly bad. Dani was holding her, and she was letting out some flatulence. Well, the last one she let out practically shook the walls. I did not think it was humanly possible to produce that much sound with that small of a bottom. Dani and I looked at each other and both felt a little uncomfortable. When the smell disseminated into the air, we had to change rooms.

Goodness--I swear this girl could've beat out her uncles when they were teenagers.

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

I don't expect much more to ever be posted on this blog, and I'm largely just posting this to share it with some particular friends....