Monday, April 26, 2010


N has started one of the cutest little bits of drama. When she sees Dani or me tired, she throws herself on the ground, tosses her arms as wide out as she can and says, "I'm tired."

This was partially due to me just wanting to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon while N wanted to play with me--but it has flared up recently as a result of all the house-work we've been doing. Since last week, here's what my family has done (in chronological order, major thanks to my parents and sister for their help on Saturday):
  1. Scrubbed down the entire house
  2. Bought two doors to replace existing exterior doors
  3. Painted several areas of the house
  4. Tore out all the wood panel on the second floor
  5. Tore out some parts of the second floor that were mold-farms
  6. Tore out the bar
  7. Broke the sledge hammer we used to tear this stuff out
  8. Studied for and took a 300-level math final
  9. Did about two weeks worth of programming at work
  10. Had the carpets replaced
  11. Emptied our storage unit
  12. Moved
  13. Went out for birthday dinner at Bombay house with my parents
  14. Had the utilities put in our name
  15. Cleaned the kitchen
  16. Loaded up all the debris from the second floor and hauled it to the dump
  17. Helped move Hillary out of her apartment and stored some of her stuff in our garage
  18. Cleaned again (still trying to get rid of all the dog hair)
  19. Chiseled concrete down by about 1/8th an inch (2/8ths left to go before the door will fit)
  20. Started changing the locks
  21. Had the plumbing fixed in the laundry room
  22. Had the previous owner finally pick up the last of their stuff
  23. Returned one of the replacement doors because we found out that we'd need a custom-order one
  24. Unpacked nearly all of the kitchen boxes
  25. Reassembled furniture
  26. unpacked some books
  27. Cleaned some more
  28. Went to church
  29. Unpacked the girls' rooms
  30. Found all of our bathroom essentials
  31. Had a crown replaced on one of Dani's teeth
  32. Finished a project at work (that I really started on about April 14th)
Today, I'll hook up stuff in the laundry room, finish tearing out the concrete, hang another door, and tear out the carpet on the second level, and Dani will be unpacking and organizing. In all honesty, she probably has it rougher than I do--because she's been working at all this while taking care of two kids! What a woman!

In the words of N, "I'm tired!"

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