Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dancing for her audience

I LOVE to dance. I lived for Swing nights (Wednesday nights at the MC) during college, LOVED taking Ballroom and Latin classes and competing in the Viking Challengse. So when N started to "dance" I was thrilled! She would do her DDR quick feet (see past post), turn in circles, and bob her head. We finally got her on camera last night. I think the reason why she danced was because she had 6 adults praising her and laughing, so she showed us her moves. She's holding Todd's phone in this clip.

Thanks to Claire & Micheal, and Mercedes & Devin for entertaining our child. :D

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

I don't expect much more to ever be posted on this blog, and I'm largely just posting this to share it with some particular friends....