Sunday, October 24, 2010

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I can!

For those of you who knew me in High School, and more specifically when I was on the Track and Field team, you know I was NOT a runner. I did sports because they were fun, not because the coach had been scouting me out for my impressive mind blowing athletic abilities. But since having my time stretched between, husband, kids, house, church callings, and my own guilty pleasures, I don't have a lot of time to commute to and from the gym. The solution, running. I could hit the concrete right out side my front door and work on my cardiovascular. But could a girl, who never ran before and who had had two surgeries on the same knee really become a runner? Yes. Yes, she could.

So last year I invested in some nice running shoes. (Note: From personal experience, you can totally haggle at sports store.) But I immediately hit a road block. I was trying to start a running routine, and I was pregnant. Not the best combination. Needless to say those shoes didn't get used much. Until this summer. My in-laws like to participate in 5k's, 10k's, and some are starting half marathons. They were my idols (hope I don't go to hell for idolatry :S ). So with the Mesa, Arizona Turkey Trot coming up, my goal was to join the family in the run.

Todd and I laced up, tossed the girls in the double stroller and went for a run. I about died 1 mile in and Todd had to assault me with ridiculously bloated lines of encouragement to get me home. Needless to say I did not make the full 2 miles. We made plans to go again. But didn't. After about a month, I was having such a bad day and beating myself up for not keeping with the running and went out. And I did it! Almost, I had to take a small break but I did it.

After going out on my own and cranking the tunes from the i-pod my FIL passed on to us, I got my 2 miles to 21 mins. Major PB there. Then after about a month, my in-laws brought my SIL, Hills back to school. So Saturday morning, dad, Todd, Hills and I went for a run up the canyon. Todd went on ahead of Hills and I (dad having left us in the dust) and told us where to turn around. I made 5k with out stopping! Big thanks to Hills for letting me tag along with her. I was so going to be ready for that Thanksgiving 5k!

But it's not a 5k it's a 10k. Yeah, took me by surprise to. Well I had already blabbed about how I was going to run it, so I had to get there. In comes good ol' Google Maps. I found out how far it would be to run from the house and back to make the distance. And went for it last weekend. I made it to my turn around point and back to the house. 5.4 miles! Bam baby! Dang straight.

So here's my progress:
From the end of July to the end of August, 2 miles.
August 28th - October 9th, 3.2 miles.
Since then to now, 5.4 miles.

My goal now is to add on the last mile, then work on time. After Thanks giving, I'm thinking about adding more distance.

I needed a goal, something to want to do and my in-laws were that :D Love you all!

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