Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's a baby (part 5) some bad news

I got laid off. I don't exactly know how the company can justify that--expand the roles of the performance team while cutting it down.
I guess I can't feel to bad about it--from what I heard about 1/3rd of the company got laid off. The company put out a "cloud" product that just didn't have a decent level of stability to it. I guess if they'd let the performance team actually test the cloud software prior to its release, maybe they could've lost less money, or even made a profitable product.
Oh well, my job ends on May 29th. A lot of people got cut, so I really can't take it personally. I don't know why it was me cut from my team--as there is one other member of it with just as much experience as me (who I would say has a worse work track record, but not my call). I think I got cut because I missed a meeting with some guy named Bill Gunther. I really hate executives who think they have the right to just turn people's lives upside down, and not have any sort of accountability for their actions.
I'm sort of divided between "why did I get cut" and "it happens to everyone." Oh well, I'll just accept it for what it is.
On the plus side, the severance they gave me was quite generous--and covers my pay up until about October. If I can find a job and start it at the beginning of June, then this'll just be a very good thing that happened for me.

I think Dani is just shocked about the whole thing--and doesn't know what to make of it. We're both hopeful that I can find work before this job ends--I have two months and that's about how long it takes. I've also kept my eye on the job market since they had the town-hall meeting. There are about four or five positions open in the area that I can fill.

Guess the only open question is whether or not they'll take someone who hasn't finished their degree yet.

This comes back to my views on having kids.  You don't know if you can provide, or properly take care of this kid.   Kids are so much about the future, and the future is always unknown. To me, bringing a child in this world is an act of faith.  You have to believe that what you're doing is the right thing.  You have to believe that you can, in fact, be a parent to this little person.
So, even with this, I still have faith that things will work out.

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

I don't expect much more to ever be posted on this blog, and I'm largely just posting this to share it with some particular friends....