Monday, March 16, 2009

Delays and Relays

Dani pushed her flight back a day--there was just too much for her to do and no way they'd get it all done by monday night. So, I'm stuck alone for another day.

Putting her on the plane was hard. I think this is harder. I miss her so much. I found myself going through pictures I have of her and getting very trunky.

To keep my mind off of things, I have filled it full of ideas and laboratory equipment. I'm building a lab, and I think that it'll be a very successful venture. I have too many design ideas and too many things I want to try that haven't ever been tried before that I'm hoping this will bear fruit.

Dani consented that we could use some of the money we had set aside to invest to put toward this idea. I'm trying to make a lab that will let me build and develop things. An Inventors lab, if you will. There is, by no stretch of the imagination, the space available in our apartment to do such a thing--so we're going to rent out a storage unit and I'm gonna setup there. Part of the storage unit will be used for, well, storage, but half of it is mine to start tinkering in. I've been collecting the tools that I need for this since I got home from my mission, and I'm really only missing a few more. I have yet to find an oscilloscope, and I'm gonna need a big rubber mat. For an oscilloscope, I'm tempted just to do a software style solution for it--and hijack my sound card to work as a 96k-hz oscilloscope. It has all the capacity to read the waveform data just like it would microphone input--they are essentially the same.

So, this weekend, I have found all that I will need and been trying to find it at the lowest prices I could. I'm trying to do all of this within a $1000 budget. In reality, I will probably only spend $300-400 for everything I need and leave the rest in the budget for renting the space I need. If I don't get to a break-even point, or find some financial use for this area, then we'll down grade to a much smaller storage facility, and I'll go back to my regular life.

I'm very excited to start this. I already have a good conceptual design working for how to run this.

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

I don't expect much more to ever be posted on this blog, and I'm largely just posting this to share it with some particular friends....