Friday, July 3, 2009

For the love of!

This is the pet-peeve post.

1) Just because I had a crush on you in elementary school does not mean I still do. So get over yourself!

2) Paintings of the Virgin Mother Mary breast feeding the baby Jesus were primarily done in the 14th and 15th century. She did not personally pose for those! And I honestly don't think she would have either.
Modesty isn't just covering your "bikini area," it's a state of mind where you intentionally dress and behave in a way that doesn't attract any evil attention to yourself. Modesty is as much about the dress guidelines as it is about being aware of the society you live in, that's why we teach the principal of modesty in church, and not "dress and grooming standards."

3) Laundry left in the washer, especially in the Summer, sours. It smells awful and if this constantly happens then mildew grows on your clothing/towels/etc... YUCK!

4) I completely agree with the quote from
Stranger Than Fiction, said by the narrator, "I'm compensating for something, guess what". This goes not only for ugly looking guitars but loud, noisy cars too!

5) Social Megaphones--no thoughts of their own, they can only repeat what they've heard other people say in a loud and irritating manner. Most insist on dominating the conversation--it's rude!

6) I was spanked as a kid for doing dangerous and stupid stuff, and I'm not scarred. Lesson: There are many different ways to raise kids, each family operates differently and each kid is different. Love can be demonstrated in disciplining. I'm not beating my kid, I'm teaching them not to play in the street--my hand is a lot kinder than a bumper.

7) I wont buy food just because it's organic, even more so if it looks weird. So if that means buying the pretty apple that was treated with pesticides, then "yeah" for the yummy pesticides. This doesn't mean that I don't eat healthy.

8) Don't diss the cloth diaper. They've come a long way! Microfiber, inserts, reusable--there's a lot of perks! I haven't converted myself, I'm waiting to hear how they do on older kids (who have stinky-er poo) before I do.
9) Swearing. Please people, my daughter who is 21 months old has enough vocabulary to express herself without having to resort to trailer trash vocabulary. As Todd says, "Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people appear bright until they talk." You swear--you're an idiot.

10) When you raise your toothbrush to your mouth and discover as you start to brush, the toothpaste fell off and is now plastered to the sink bowl. You then have to reapply to your toothbrush and take your fingers with the water running and scrap it off. Yeah that is irritating honey.

11) Now this has never happened to me but maybe it has to you. Strangers coming up and rubbing your prego belly. Now I'm excited to be expecting but I don't want some stranger touching me without permission (Todd: that's assault brotha).

12) If you think the left lane on the freeway is just for driving, get off the road. It was put there for people to go faster, not the posted speed limit. If someone is coming up behind you, match speeds with them, merge right or get off the road.

13) (Todd) If you can't drive the posted speed limit, use your flashers. If you can't drive the posted speed limit because you're "too scared" then get a bus pass, and save everyone else on the road the aggravation of dealing with you.

14) (Todd) Bikini's: They don't look good on you. They don't make you stand out. 9/10 men will want to vomit if they see you in one--just say no! (we went to a public pool the other day, and. . .)

15) (Todd) No, I don't want to fix your computer for you. If you worked at a detail shop, could I get my car cleaned for free anytime I wanted? Google it, people.

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

I don't expect much more to ever be posted on this blog, and I'm largely just posting this to share it with some particular friends....