Friday, July 17, 2009

Look at what my dad did!

Todd and I were given a table by my Grandpa and Grandma Paul when we were married, but we didn't get it right off because there was no way to get it to us in Utah. When grandpa got sick and had to move from Washington to Texas, a truck and trailer were called in to haul what was being kept. Only instead of being dropped off in Utah the table went to Texas where it underwent a transformation. Mom and I started to strip it, and mom used her new sanding belt (I hate sanding, so thanks mom) to finish the stripping, and then dad took over.

Here is our table before hand:

And here it is AFTER!!!

Didn't he do a great job! The staining he did looks so much richer then the stain mom and I originally picked out. It also happened to be the wrong mixture so dad fixed that too. I'm excited!

Here's the history behind the table:
Your great, great-grandparents, Leafy and Algeron Clayton were given the table on their wedding day 14 Feb 1928, in Salt Lake, Utah, by a woman who had received it as a gift on her wedding day 60 years prior. There are no manufactures markings on it, so Dad and I believed it was home made by someone in the Clayton family who made furniture. It has been used for many meals and puzzles. Mom

so 140+ years at least!

Thanks mom and dad!

Why I'm (still) a Mormon

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