Friday, July 17, 2009

Midwife time?

I mentioned to Todd about 2 weeks ago that I might check into the option of a midwife instead of using one of the doctors at the Provo Clinic. Now I have had a great experience with Provo Clinic and it's doctors, but I've noticed some changes since N was born. The biggest and most concern to me is how it has expanded. I don't care that half of my appointments are in the building across the parking lot, what I do care about is that they have added about 3 new doctors. That makes, what, 8? Now you ask, "What's the big deal?", well you don't get assigned a doctor at Provo Clinic which equals when you go into labor any of those 8 doctors could deliver your baby, even if you've never met them before. I don't care for that.

Now talking with a few women from the ward who have gone the midwife route, Utah valley doesn't have them, or at least none of them deliver there. Which means a change in hospitals. The closest hospital is Orem, and they have the program "New Beginnings". I've heard "so, so" remarks there. The one that gets all the rave is American Fork. An even longer drive, but would it be worth it? I'll let you know. I'm looking into setting up an interview/appointment to get the inside scoop.

Todd's biggest concern was insurance. He was all on board when I said they would cover it. Todd then tossed in the option of having the baby at home with a midwife. That blew me away! He said he just felt so useless at the hospital and being at home he'd feel he'd be able to help out more. I'm open to the option, just not this birth. I'd like to see how things go at the hospital with a midwife before venturing into the at home birth world. I like hospitals, I LOVE modern medicine, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that someone else cleans up during and afterwards! I just want to be more in control of my options now that I have a bigger, clearer picture of pregnancy, and labor and delivery.

What else has changed since N? I WILL NOT be induced again. Forget it. My first doctors visit for baby #2 went kinda like this:

Dr.: So I see you have a daughter. How much did she weigh when she was born?
me: She was 8lbs 12 oz.
Dr.: (Big saucer eyes that already said they'd give me the option to be induced early) Oh my!

Not this time buck-o. I hated all the drugs I received. Todd says I was pretty much high for 3 days. Now I have not changed my views on an Epidural. Oh, how it was my best friend. It let me sleep for 7 hours, I was given just enough so I could still move my legs for the must part unassisted, and how it relieved me of the back labor. But remember I was given ripening gel and I had no build up of contraction pain, just a sudden-out-of-the-blue level 10 contraction that took me to the floor, literally. So it depends, can I take the build up, is baby posterior, is baby breech (since I have an upside down heart shaped uterus, I have a higher chance of having my babies breech), or something else? N was perfectly healthy, the only reason the baby ICU team was there was because she had her first bowel movement before coming. But she was fine.

So I'll keep you updated with what happens and where.

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